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Local control: A case of good for the goose, good for the gander?

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Your local city council decides that an increase in the minimum wage is warranted or perhaps that a certain minimal amount of sick leave should be provided by employers.

Or that plastic bags are an environmental nuisance and grocery stores should be precluded from using them.

Reasonable people might debate the wisdom of these (or other) positions, but it is a fair question to ask who has the right to make such decisions.

Many in the Legislature have touted the value of local control in arguing that states, rather than the federal, government should be responsible for making certain decisions. But many of these same legislators have sung a different tune when they have restricted the actions of local city and town councils.

Some in city government have challenged the right and the wisdom of such statewide mandates.

Three guests will discuss these issues. All are current city council members. One is a former legislator:

  • Lauren Kuby, councilmember, city of Tempe
  • Eva Putzova, councilmember, city of Flagstaff
  • David Schapira, councilmember, city of Tempe and former state legislator