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If Donald Trump were to pull email shenanigans, he would be indicted

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

For all of you screaming,”If Trump had done the same thing as Hillary, he would have been indicted,” you couldn’t be more right!

I don’t usually jump on the “if they would have or wouldn’t have” bandwagon but in this case, it is accurate.

You see, the evidence against Hillary Clinton in this private email server debacle was O.J.-sized. It was clear-cut that she had done shady things, she had broken the law and it was covered up by “accidentally deleting emails” — in such a manner that even the FBI couldn’t recover them — and lied about it for months.

She was investigated by a Democrat-led FBI that would have suggested next steps to a Democrat-led Justice Department that is being controlled by a Democrat-led White House.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about Hillary Clinton here; the potential future for the Democrat party. They took care of their girl on this one, plain and simple.

If this were Donald Trump covering up his shady shenanigans, he would have been indicted.

Think about it: He would have been alone on an island. The current law team of FBI Director James Comey and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would have gleefully taken Trump out.

There would be no Republican Party backing him, protecting him, making deals behind closed doors to ensure his safety. His wife would not have had the power or influence to meet Lynch out on a Phoenix tarmac to have a private meeting before the ruling was handed down.

The Republican Party would love nothing more than any excuse to either get rid of Trump or force him to step down so it would not have supported him.

Even if it were a Republican-led FBI suggesting to a Republican-led Justice Department run by a Republican-led White House, the Republicans want nothing more than to see Trump go away.

So yes, the Trump supporters that are screaming if he would’ve done this, he would’ve been indicted and strung up are right because he has no political backing to bail him out.

THAT is the danger of running for office without being a Washington, D.C. insider.

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