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Excuse you! Phoenix ranked one of America’s rudest cities

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PHOENIX — If you’re someone who enjoys a neighborly wave or a sea of smiling faces, Phoenix may not be the place for you if a new ranking is to be believed.

As part of the annual America’s Favorite Places lists, Travel and Leisure readers ranked Phoenix as the second-rudest city in the nation, trailing only Miami.

In the past few years, Phoenix has been climbing the list. It was ranked 12th-rudest in 2014 and jumped to eighth last year before popping into the top three this year.

The popular travel magazine said there may be a reason behind Phoenix’s growing hostility toward tourists.

Phoenix doesn’t seem to be getting more hospitable toward visitors (last year, we surmised they were just weary of all the people who winter in their hometown), but they shouldn’t be surprised by the influx. Phoenix received high scores for many “quality of life” factors including good drivers (No. 1) and affordability (No. 2).

Phoenix joined some very prominent cities on the list, including a few that most Phoenicians would likely say are ruder than they are.

As we mentioned before, the Valley of the Sun trailed only Miami on the list and was ahead of the trio of New York City, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, which rounded out the top five.

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