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Travel by trade across the globe with a bartering system

(AP Photo)

When it comes to travel, many people find their vacation dreams limited by their budgets. For a growing group of business owners, however, the world is their oyster. Brian Beal with Value Card Alliance says their clients can go anywhere with VCA’s bartering system.

“It works off of a debit-credit system, which allows business owners to take and use local trade transactions and go out and spend those values all throughout the world with resorts,” he said. “(They can go) anywhere, from Europe to Asia to all throughout the United States, both continental and off, and then Mexico.”

Now business owners can sell their goods locally and earn trade credits. The credits can be applied to more services or towards travel.

The program is strictly for business owners.

“We interview you to determine whether or not there’s a good fit in the marketplace for you, and then we bring you in the fold and then we help you earn some trade dollars,” he said.

More information about VCA is available at their website here.

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