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Fireworks are no fun for Fido

(Scott Myers photo)

The explosive highlight of July 4th is not so thrilling for Fido.

The bright flashes and loud sounds of fireworks are terrifying for many animals. Jodi Polanski, the executive director of “Lost Our Home Pet Rescue” in Tempe, Arizona, said there are several things you can do to make Independence Day less stressful for your furry friend.

“First of all, if you got a dog, get them tired out,” Polanski said. “Walk them early in the morning, try to get play time throughout the day.”

The more tired your pooch is, the more likely they’ll sleep through the fireworks.

If they get anxious you can turn on the TV or play some music to drown out the noise. For really nervous pets she recommends a “Thunder Shirt.”

However, she said the most important thing to do is to keep your pets indoors.

“The fifth of July is always the busiest day of the whole year [for the] Maricopa County Animal Care and Control because there’s so many pets that run away from the fireworks the night before,” Polanski said.

Polanski added that pet owners should make sure their cats and dogs have collars with tags on them, and get them microchipped.

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