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You may not be telling your child’s pediatrician everything you should

Parents may not be telling their pediatrician everything they should be.

“A lot of times parents don’t tell their pediatrician things because they don’t want to feel like bad parents,” said Dr. Kristen Ray, who is a behavioral health specialist at Bayless Healthcare in Phoenix.

“So they neglect to tell them how much soda they’re actually drinking, or how much TV they’re actually watching.”

Moms and dads also neglect to talk to their child’s doctor about behavioral health concerns, Ray said.

“A lot of times we have kiddos that come in that are having trouble in school and it’s really a medical issue,” she said. “Sometimes behavioral health issues have medical symptoms, and same thing [for] medical issues, they sometimes have behavioral health symptoms.”

Parents should tell their pediatrician about any major changes, such as changing schools, going through a divorce or separation and more.

“Mood changes or sleep disturbances or appetite changes that have lasted more than two weeks and are happening every day or almost every day, we definitely want to hear about those,” Ray said.

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