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Seven tips to help you take care of your shingle roof

LISTEN: Seven tips to help you take care of your shingle roof

Recently we told you how to care for your flat roof, so this week’s article is for those of you with shingle roofs.

Shingles for pitched roofs can be made of many different materials — yours may be wood, slate, metal or plastic. But in Arizona, most shingles are generally either fiberglass or organic-mat shingles.

A shingled roof can be very affordable and durable as shingles can last as long as 20 years. They’re lightweight and won’t break when you or a roofer walk on them.

The biggest challenges with shingles are that they can blow off during a storm. They also absorb heat and will fade in the hot sunshine.

Here are seven suggestions for their care, particularly during monsoon season:

1. Trim tall trees near the house because shingled roofs can be easily damaged by falling limbs.

2. After a big storm with lots of wind — and maybe hail — have a roofer check for damage, even if you didn’t have any leaks in ceilings. Divots, holes and punctures need to be repaired and missing shingles must be replaced.

3. If you have gutters or downspouts, check the bottom of the spouts for granules that have washed off shingles during a storm. You might even see deposits of the granules on sidewalks. That’s a warning about your shingles.

4. The older the shingles, the more likely you can have storm damage.

5. Most shingled roofs have at least a 10-year warranty. If your roof is fairly new, you could invalidate a warranty if you don’t fix damage that occurs.

6. We don’t recommend installing or repairing your own shingled roof, but many skilled do-it-yourselfers do work on their roofs. The latest shingles are much easier to install.

7. Keep a supply of spare shingles in the garage just in case you need a small repair.

As always, when hiring a contractor, including a roofer, to work on your home, be sure that person is licensed, bonded and insured – and of course Rosie-certified.

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