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Faith in Humanity: Valley group seeks to give parents ‘break’ from sick children

The Willow Tree Foundation's playroom is shown. (Facebook Photo)

Sometimes, we all need a break. We need to be able to step back from things in life and recharge so we can keep moving forward.

Few people need this opportunity more than parents who have a child who is very ill.

A Valley charity, the Willow Tree Foundation, seeks to give parents that break while it cares for the children.

The group said it recognizes the emotional, physical and financial toll that caring for a sick child can take on a parent. Those burdens can lead to a big drain in strength and stamina.

“The Willow Tree Foundation was established to provide moments of calm in the storm by providing respite opportunities for parents so they can continue to bend, not break, and stay strong like the willow tree,” the company said on its website.

The Willow Tree Foundation accepts donations online.

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