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New York City’s 3 new underground rail projects

(AP) – A look at New York City’s three new underground rail projects.

East Side Access under Grand Central Terminal:

_Brings the Long Island Rail Road to Manhattan’s East Side, with 160,000 passengers a day arriving at the new, eight-track Grand Central hub 16 stories below Grand Central Terminal.

_To be completed by 2019.

_Estimated cost is $8.3 million.

No. 7 extension to Manhattan’s West Side:

_Links Times Square to the far West Side to attract development to Manhattan’s “last frontier” of available land and the Hudson Yards development.

_To open in 2014.

_Estimated cost is $2.1 billion.

Second Avenue Subway on Manhattan’s East Side:

_Eases massive congestion on Lexington Avenue subway lines and opens far East Side to commuters.

_First section to open in 2016.

_Estimated cost for first phase is $4.5 billion.

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