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Survey says political arguments in American workplaces are rising

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by Virginia first lady Dorothy McAuliffe, gestures as she speaks on national security, Wednesday, June 15, 2016, in Hampton, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

There is going to be a lot of debate in the next few months about which candidate should be named the next U.S president.

With two candidates who are so different from one another in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there is a lot that can be said by supporters about the candidate they don’t support.

A survey of HR professionals conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management said, “Employees are more vocal about their opinions” regarding politics in the workplace this year, compared to previous election years.

The survey said 26 percent of HR professionals surveyed reported there is greater political volatility in workplaces, with that being defined as, “Employee behavior displaying increased tension, hostility or arguments among co-workers due to political affiliation.”

There was that big of an increase this year, despite 72 percent of HR professionals saying their organizations discourage political activities in the workplace, with 24 percent of the organizations even owning written policies on the matter.

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