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A look at life in a halfway house after prison

CHICAGO (AP) – Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan _ who’s served more than five years in federal prison on wide-ranging corruption convictions _ is expected to be released to a halfway house before he can return to his home. Attorneys say he’ll live, at least for a little while, at a facility in Chicago through a work-release program.

Here’s a look at what life is like for a typical resident of a halfway house:

_Residents in work-release programs are expected to get a job or look for a job, unless they’re enrolled in a training program.

_Instead of a prison jumpsuit, inmates get to wear their own clothes. They’ll be able to have visitors and have access to cellphones, but any travel outside work requires permission.

_Residents must attend classes teaching basic life skills, such as how to write a check.

_Unlike prison, inmates won’t be separated by the severity of their crimes.

_Each resident gets an adviser who’ll help them set goals and develop a plan.

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