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Top ten road trip bathrooms in America

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A summer wouldn’t be complete without at least one road trip. And while most people are thinking about the destination, sometimes it’s the pit stops along the way that make the trip most memorable.

The next time you’re on the road and want to stop at a lovely loo, just consult this list of trusty toilet stops you just can’t pass up.

Music Hall Bathrooms – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

When words fail, music speaks. But when nature calls, a nice bathroom always does the trick. These bathrooms offer plenty of pleasant tunes while you wash up, and don’t even get us started on the unique designs.

Or do, because there’s enough ornate tile to keep you entertained for quite some time. And don’t forget to take a rest on one of the pleasantly lit poufs as you take a load off and rest from your driving.

Charmin restrooms in Times Square

Times Square boasts many sights to see, but if you go there be sure to find a good parking space — you won’t want to miss the chance to use these potties.

Upon arrival, you have access to a beautiful and personal bathroom space, which is well-stocked with Charmin’s softest toilet tissue products. Enjoy your surroundings, as the bathrooms have a different design each time. Charmin also has a handy dandy app called Sit or Squat where you can find where to go when you’re on the road.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center – Sheboygan, Wisconsin

If you’re up for some museum perusing with your pit stop, consider stopping by The Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin. This museum is serious about its art, even when it comes down to the potties. You’ll find an incredible display of six commissioned artists and might enjoy using the public ones on-site, too.

Jungle Jim’s Bathroom – Fairfield, Ohio

Voted “America’s Best Restroom” in 2007, Jungle Jim replaced each entrance to the bathroom with a real porta-potty (Inside, they’re normal restrooms). Above the entrances, a line of five TV monitors play as unsuspecting customers watch hoards of people exit the building.

Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re a mother looking for the perfect nursing spot, look no further than the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. These bathrooms paint a pretty picture with fun themes of red, white and blue.

Once you use the facilities here, you’ll be feeling peaceful and patriotic, and ready to continue on your journey.

Public Bathrooms – Minturn, Colorado

The city of Minturn, Colorado, and several talented designers collaborated to create this stunning bathroom/art piece. Created to Minturn_Bathroom 2resemble a Rocky Mountain mine, the architecture, sculptures, and even ceilings all create a beautiful and calming atmosphere.

Take care of business in a clean environment while steel butterflies hover above you. Calm down and take a beat amongst copper-colored walls. Enjoy the turquoise and other nature-inspired decor while you rest from the road. Whether you just need a place to go potty or want an experience, visit this public restroom.

Whiskey Barrel Bathroom – Charleston, South Carolina

If you think drinking makes you have to go, wait until you visit these restrooms. You’ll enjoy the fun decor with a rustic feel and plenty of paneled wood. Obtain sweet relief from a full bladder and the endless road when you stop to gain or lose a pint at these barrel-themed bathrooms.

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts – Scottsdale, AZ

This luxurious lavatory was designed in 2005 by Phoenix-based architect John Douglas, who says the space’s color-changing lights are meant to reflect the skies of the Sonoran Desert. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you ever get a chance to sit and reflect on this bathroom scenery.

The Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, Calif.

The Madonna Inn is notorious for the odd, quirky décor, so it’s no surprise the bathrooms are the same. Women usually get the fancy upgrades when it comes to bathrooms, but at The Madonna Inn, it’s the men that steal the show. When you step up to the area a motion sensor turns on a fountain from the ceiling that runs water down a rock wall before it cascades off to the ground below, turning the urinal into a fountain.

Vanity Nightclub at the Hardrock Hotel

As if Vegas doesn’t have enough to do and see, it is also home to some of the most opulent potties on the planet. The Vanity Nightclub, in particular, has individual vanity stations instead of mirrors running behind a row of sinks, making the whole experience a bit of a retreat. Other notable mentions in Vegas include the Mixx Lounge at Mandalay Bay and the Ivory Towers at the Venetian.

Other Notable Potties:  

Liberty Market – Gilbert, Arizona

This Gilbert restaurant made the 10 Coolest Restrooms in America with the menu scribbled on the wall and a music playlist in each stall.

The Grove – Los Angeles, California the-bathrooms-now-house-six-original-drawings-by-picasso-and-miro-read-that-sentence-again 2

This swanky California shopping mall hired world–renowned architect David Rockwell to design and remodel their restrooms that house drawings from Picasso and Miro.

The Trail Restroom – Austin, Texas  

Nature isn’t the only beautiful site on The Ann and Roy Bulter hike and bike trail in Austin, Texas. The public restroom is designed by a local architect firm using an open ceiling to capture natural lighting and uses  sustainable materials to sure this piece of art will be around for generations to enjoy.

If this road trip potty tour has left you inspired, make sure your project doesn’t go down the toilet. Call  a professional plumber to help you install the throne of your dreams.

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