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Memorial Day tribute: Veteran holds flag for hours

While many enjoyed barbecues and time with friends over Memorial Day weekend, a disabled veteran held up the American flag for hours in the rain.

According to MassLive, on the morning of Memorial Day, former Army Specialist Darren Swallow stood outside a nursing home in Wilbraham, Mass. for over nine hours in order to honor resident veterans and their families.

“I thought I’d come down and honor our veterans and let them know they have not been forgotten,” said Swallow in the video above.

Swallow’s girlfriend, who works at the facility, mentioned that their flagpole has been damaged in an accident and would be unable to display the flag during the holiday weekend.

“He was very passionate when I told him we don’t have a flag here,” said Anora Duport, Swallow’s girlfriend. “He’s an angel.”

Swallow served two tours in Iraq and was medically discharged with multiple injuries to his brain, back, knee and knee.

His patriotic gesture inspired many, encouraging others to come and thank him for his service.

“We came here just to thank him for his service. It’s phenomenal that he’s standing out here for the residents and for our country,” said Chris White, a man who brought his children to see Swallow on Memorial Day.

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