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Phoenix Sky Harbor to become first international connection to Culiacán, Mexico

(Facebook Photo/ Volaris)

PHOENIX — For those who don’t have any Memorial Day plans yet, fret no more. Easy travel to Culiacán, Mexico, is now available to anyone flying out of Phoenix.

The Mexican airline Volaris announced Friday it is starting a new service that connects the Mexican city to Phoenix.

Sky Harbor International Airport will become the first international airport to have a connecting flight with Culiacán, according to Volaris.

The popular Mexican airline said it is “increasing the connectivity options that we offer to our customers, in accordance with our strategy to connect families and friends.”

The consulate general of Mexico, Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, said, “Phoenix is very friendly with the Mexicans, and Phoenix is ready to participate in any way in order to increase trade and tourism, both ways.”

Before a connection to Culiacán was added, Sky Harbor had flights to eight Mexican cities. But according to Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski, the new flight to Culiacán is convenient for multiple reasons.

“Within an hour from Culiacán is Mazatlan, which is more tourism, so you’re right on the coast,” Nowakowski said. “So, you have business in Culiacán and when you’re going to Mazatlan and all those beach cities, it’s great for tourism.”

According to Volaris, since it started its service in Culiacán, traffic increased by 25.6 percent year-over-year from 2007 to 2015 in the Mexican city. The airline said Culiacán is a “crucial city” as it estimated that it owns 52 percent of seats in the city.

Volaris, which flies out of Terminal Four at Sky Harbor, is offering flights to and from Culiacán as early as Monday.

KTAR’s Jeremy Foster contributed to this report.

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