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Bill Cosby’s case will sadly be decided by his celebrity, not the evidence

Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse after a preliminary hearing, Tuesday, May 24, 2016, in Norristown, Pa. Cosby was ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges after the hearing. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, Pool)

It looks like Mr. Huxstable is on his way to court.

Yes, America’s favorite dad, Bill Cosby, will see one of his 40-plus accusers in a court of law.

The evidence against him is light at best. With the exception of evidentiary strength, haven’t we seen something like this before?

A favorite. An American name. An American icon facing justice?

Yes, yes we have: This whole mess is starting to shape up O.J. Simpson style.

Think about it: Simpson was one of the most-celebrated athletes in American history. Cosby is one of the most-celebrated funny men in American history.

Simpson was a complete shock, yet backed with mountains of damning evidence. Cosby on the heels of a train of accusers and the evidence is almost nonexistent (except for a confession that most likely won’t see the courtroom).

These two cases will share common factors: celebrity and money.

Let’s not look to this trial to shine a positive light on our justice system.

Let me address the money first. Let’s face it: Money buys power. That’s not a truth that is exclusive to America, by the way.

Money bought Simpson the legal Dream Team and, ultimately, his temporary freedom.

If Cosby was smart, he would have begun assembling a similar team when the first accuser made headlines.

This brings me to celebrity, which is where it gets sad.

You can already sense America dividing between those that act with logic and those that act with emotions.

Those that act with logic will say, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!” More than 40 women have come forward with the same story of sexual assault by the same man. He must be guilty.

Then there are those that feel there is no way that America’s favorite dad could possibly do this. He’s Mr. Huxstable for the love of goodness! He has to be innocent!

The latter, unfortunately, is where the vocal majority lives and is exactly why we will once again watch an American icon get away with, not a perfect crime, but one of celebrity.

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