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Donald Trump’s protesters are actually encouraging people to support him

They’ve been all over the news lately: People angrily protesting presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

They’ve made scenes — some increasingly violent — and seem to be omnipresent at every Trump rally from Los Angeles to Boston.

Their message is clear: They really do not want Trump to win the party’s nomination because that puts the New York billionaire one big step closer to the White House. And they can’t handle a Trump presidency.

But what these people don’t realize is that, by being so outspoken to the point of violence, that they are actually drumming up more support for the Donald.

Allow me to explain: When the Average Joe turns on the TV, he’s likely to see Trump, at least on most news channels. This is sometimes followed by scenes of violent protesters.

Instead of thinking, “Hey, you know who is right about Trump? The screaming mob,” Average Joe may start to support the guy the crowd is hollering that, simply because he looks more sane.

Of course, I don’t expect these protesters to listen to me. After all, I’m not the one out their throwing burning “Make America great again” shirts at police officers, so what can I possibly know.


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