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Justin Timberlake ‘feeling’ Gilbert’s dance moves in fun video

PHOENIX — The town of Gilbert has got the moves and one international superstar — Justin Timberlake, heard of him? — is taking notice.

The musician retweeted a video made by the town on Thursday to about 55 million followers and why not? The video shows Gilbert getting down to Timberlake’s new hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

“Oh it feels awesome,” Jessica Bautista with the town said of the recognition. “That was what we’re hoping for when we started to make this video.”

The video was shot in a hectic 24 hours across Gilbert. It only took a day for Timberlake to take notice and hit the “Retweet” button.

“We called an emergency dance party for the community,” Bautista said. “And just kind of put it out on social media and said ‘Anybody that wants to be in this and wants to dance, meet us at the water tower.’”

In the video, everybody’s grooving, including police and firefighters.

But the video starts with a brand new “dance” by Gilbert’s mayor, John Lewis.

“It’s called the Gilbert Onian Harmonic Rhythm,” the mayor laughed. “Of course, we’ll be inviting [Timberlake] to come and sing to all 247,000 residents.”

Lewis said he wasn’t nervous at all to show off his new dance moves.

“When the music starts playing and the rhythm comes, you just go with it,” he said.

Lewis said the video is not only a huge opportunity for Gilbert, but the state of Arizona.

“To know that it’s been tweeted out to 55 million followers of [Timberlake] throughout the world is a very proud thought,” he said. “And we’re excited that some individuals that maybe didn’t know much about Arizona or Gilbert will get a chance to see us in action.”

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