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Flagstaff, Tempe make the list of charming college towns


Two spots in Arizona made the list of America’s 20 Most Charming College Towns.

Flagstaff ranked No. 14 while Tempe just made the cut at No. 20. put together the list by consulting their Charm Index. The index scores how charming neighborhoods are using data on factors such as the affordability of local businesses and crime statistics.

RentLingo awarded each university an Overall Charm score by combining the peak charm score and average score of surrounding neighborhoods.

“We believe that a charming neighborhood is the result of flourishing local business and a residence that feels safe with an active lifestyle. Well-rated local bookstores, shops, theatres, and restaurants tend to create very charming atmospheres, call us crazy,” RentLingo said. “On the other hand, neighborhoods that lack charm have a higher percentage of chain stores and/or pawn shops, strip clubs, and credit loan stores, higher crime statistics, and lack access to community interactivity that takes places in places such as parks, townhalls and flea markets.”

Out of 100, Tempe received an overall charm score of 71.6 and a peak charm score of 85. The most charmed street was South Mill Avenue.

For Flagstaff, the overall charm score was 77.5 with a peak charm score of 90. Aspen Avenue was named the most charming street.

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