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Website: Phoenix bachelors among cheapest in US on first date

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PHOENIX — Phoenix-area bachelors are among the stingiest in the nation when it comes time to pay the bill on a first date, a website said.

It can be tough for a bachelor to get up enough courage to ask a girl out for a first date.

If she says yes, then you have to figure out how to pay for that date!  One website says Phoenix-area bachelors are among the stingiest in the country when it comes to doing that.

What’s Your Price, a website that allows women to choose men based on how much they would pay for a date, said Phoenix bachelors offer an average of $112 for a first date.

That’s below the national average of $120. Only men in Brooklyn, Minneapolis and Cleveland pay less.

The site’s Hannahmae Dela Cruz thinks Phoenix’s lower cost of living has something to do with it.

“People can afford to spend a little bit less than other cities like New York, Miami and Washington, D.C., where the cost of living is so high that you end up spending a lot of money anyways,” Dela Cruz said.

She also thinks there’s another reason Phoenix bachelors pay less.

“Phoenix has one of the largest populations of people who have never been married,” she said. “Guys might have a lot of choices, so they don’t think that they have to fork over a lot of cash to win over a date.”

Another website said bachelors likely don’t need to pay anywhere near $112 for a date in Phoenix. The cost of living index on Expatistan said a standard date — think dinner and a movie — should run about $60.

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