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Tuesday’s storm brings beautiful waterfalls to Sedona

Storms bring the best out of nature sometimes, and that was the case in Sedona this week.

During Tuesday’s storm in Arizona, Sedona was treated to some serious rain. As one can tell by the condition of the muddy road in the beginning of the video, the storm was creating some serious conditions for those inside the jeep.

What that rain brought, however, was quite unexpected.

Pink Jeep Tours Sedona, a touring company that has been offering off-road adventures through the outdoors for the past 55 years, caught the evidence of that with some waterfalls being created from the source of water the storm brought.

Various waterfalls are shown throughout the video coming down off the cliffs, with some more clean than others.

You can find out more about Pink Jeep Tours Sedona by visiting their facebook page.


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