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Parents, it’s time once again to put up with elementary, middle school ‘graduations’

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File)

Here we are, parents: The end of another school year.

Congratulations! You made it! Trust me, I was right there with you for every parent teacher meeting, fundraiser and assembly along the way.

It’s funny to hear us parents say, “Thank goodness summer is finally here” when, in two months, we will be asking, “When will school finally start?” Ha!

But now is the time when we have to bite the bullet. We have to fall in line for the forced excitement of elementary and middle school graduations.

Some schools attempt to hide these celebrations of mediocrity by calling them “promotion ceremonies” or “moving up ceremonies.”

But we know what it is: It’s the lower education equivalent to everyone getting a trophy. Each kid was driven to school, walked through their day, had lunch made for them, driven home and had mom or dad help them with their homework.

This daily servicing lasts for years until the big day that they can celebrate their accomplishments.

Good grief!

Look, I know that school can be challenging for kids. Good. Life is very challenging. It should prepare them for a grind. That is its purpose.

But I’m sure we can handle this all with an end-of-the-year pizza party, right? Come on, I’m not heartless.

Now back to the bullet-biting. Yes, we HAVE to participate in these celebrations. How can we not?

There are parents that lose all sense of rational thought with these things! Buying dresses and new clothes, inviting the family in from out of town, hiring a professional photographer — the works.

But we can’t be THOSE parents! The ones that just scoff at the idea and don’t participate. What message is that going to send our kids? Billy’s parents just love him more than we love you.

Nope. Not in my house!

So we take the half-day off of work if we can. We make sure that they are dressed nice, do their hair and show up for the obligatory clapping and snap a few pics on the phone. Then we might even spring for lunch or ice cream after the event.

Hey, we have to keep things simple. My kids are 10 and 8. We have like 20 of these things still ahead of us.

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