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Falcon camera in Phoenix goes offline while chick gets ‘leg up’ on life

(Facebook Photo)

PHOENIX — Even nature’s creatures deserve some privacy.

A web cam dedicated to the daily doings of a peregrine falcon family in Phoenix has been turned off for the time being while a baby bird gets used to splints on its legs.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department said the braces would help the chick eventually stand and move better. The bird’s played legs were making it difficult to do either.

After viewers watched the chick struggling, it was taken to an animal hospital for X-rays Monday while its parents were away from the nest.

The chick was taken to Phoenix Dog/Cat/Bird Hospital nest box, looked over, splinted and back home at its downtown high-rise nest in about an hour.

Wildlife Watching Program Manager Randy said, “X-rays revealed the limbs (bones/ligaments, etc.) were all in great shape so prognosis for recovery is good at this point.”

The department said it turned off the video stream for several days to spare viewers “the discomfort” of watching the chick fall over while it adjusts to braces.

The department posted a video of the splint procedure and also noted that fans could check in on its Facebook page Wednesday starting at 11 a.m. for a chat about the bird’s progress.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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