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Arizona veteran shares importance of patriotism with children

Major Tim Woods talks to schoolchildren about his experiences in combat and his message of patriotism. (KTAR Photo/Sharon Mittelman)

PHOENIX — A veteran and member of the Arizona Army National Guard delivered a message about patriotism Tuesday to local schoolchildren.

Major Tim Woods told his personal story to third graders at the Irene Lopez School in Phoenix. He encouraged the children to learn about our democracy and become civically minded and engaged.

“It’s important to keep in mind the sacrifices that people in uniform make to make sure that you all are safe back at home,” Woods, wearing an Army camouflage uniform, told the youngsters.

Woods enlisted after college, became an officer and did two tours of duty in Iraq, flying a Blackhawk helicopter.

Now, when he’s not at his insurance brokerage business or at home with his wife and two kids, he visits schools, talking to the children via a program put on by the Joe Foss Institute.

“I like to think that whether you’re a teacher or a fireman or a police officer or a businessman, or a whatever you are, you can still be patriotic and give back to the community and be responsible, and that’s what I try to incorporate into what I’m doing,” Woods said.

Woods is an Arizona native. He said his father and grandfather both served in the military, and he’s always felt a sense of duty to the state and to the country.

“Just because I wear the uniform and this is how I’ve chosen to be responsible civically and through my sense of duty, you know…give back,” said Woods. “You don’t have to do that through the military.”

Woods, in his non-combat National Guard duties in Arizona, is securing borders in the U.S.

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