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Gilbert mom creates parody of Meghan Trainor’s hit song ‘No’

Mom vlogger Tara Brough of Gilbert is getting quite a bit of attention after her most recent YouTube video went viral.

Thanks to some love from the Today Show’s Parents section of its website, Brough’s mommy spoof of pop singer Meghan Trainor’s hit single “No” has more than 370,000 views.

“Kids are going to be crazy and push boundaries, and they need parents to say no sometimes,” Brough told the Today Show. “And I think because this video talks about that and addresses it in a lighthearted way, moms can appreciate that and laugh about it.

Brough’s children, Porter and Piper, are featured in the video, acting as most mischievous children do.

Of course, there’s a fine line as a parent between being overly-restricting and standing up to children when they attempt their negotiating tactics that sometimes include tantrums. Brough is here to create a conversation about how to deal with that — and to let other parents know they’re not alone.

For more of Brough’s family videos, check out her YouTube channel, Broughington.

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