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If you’re mad about news bias on Facebook, just go to a real news website

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

I’ve been hearing a lot of fuss over the past few day about Facebook and its trending news section.

I guess someone tipped someone off that this was something to be outraged about and they ran with it.

It seems that the powers that be at Facebook have given the suggestion to the trending news feed editors that conservative views and stories should be squashed.

Or, if not that blatant, just told them to use their discretion when choosing topics to label as “trending.”

Who cares?

Look, Facebook is a free service. It makes money — lots of money — by selling things. What is the product that Facebook sells?


Yes, if you use a free service, you become the sellable product. Facebook is not beholden to you or your opinion. You are not its client.

It will feed you whatever news its algorithms want to. And the powers at be know that you are so hooked on their site that you might complain, but ultimately you will quiet down and fall in line.

Which brings me to the bottom line: Why in the world are you relying on Facebook for your news anyway? It’s not a news organization. It’s a social media site.

Try getting your news from a reputable, award-winning NEWS organization.

Like right here on KTAR News.

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