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Sharper Point: Poll claims people like Nickelback more than Donald Trump

It’s that time of the election year again, when pollsters have to figure out what we dislike more: the candidates or something else reviled.

I, for one, am glad for these. After all, how else would we know that you fine people preferred doing laundry over the incumbent or that running out of milk was better than then new guy?

I’m being vague here because making up statistics is a bad thing to do.

Let’s be honest: We all can find a poll that will suit whatever argument we’re trying to make. After all, did you know that 83.3 percent of statistics are made up? (Hint: I made that up).

But a Public Policy Polling poll has officially settled the longtime debate over what we dislike more: Donald Trump or Nickelback.

Good news, Chad Kroger, you finally won something! We apparently dislike Trump more than the band the Internet loves to hate.

Oh, we also tend to like hipsters more than Trump. But I see a problem here: I see the comments at I know how some of you think about millennials, which gave birth to the hipster movement, so I’m not too sure about this one.

I should probably mention that Public Policy Polling leans heavily toward the Democrats, which means it really dislikes Trump. After learning that, I was surprised he finished above cockroaches and hemorrhoids.

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