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Hit the road: Google to begin hiring self-driving car operators in Phoenix area

In this May 13, 2015, file photo, Google's self-driving Lexus drives along a street during a demonstration at Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar, File)

PHOENIX — While the roads are not currently full of self-driving cars, Google is making an effort to ensure that one day they will be.

The technology company is hiring operators to drive around the Phoenix area and collect data for the company’s Self-Driving Car Project.

According to a job listing on LinkedIn, Google is looking for people to drive a vehicle for six to eight hours per day around the Phoenix to collect data and map out the area.

Employees are expected to operate vehicles running Google’s software and hardware and manage up to four communication channels at once. They are also expected to keep all details confidential.

Operators will get the opportunity to work with new-age technology and must provide accurate and detailed feedback to the engineers.

The company announced in April that they would begin road testing self-driving cars in Phoenix. Once the mapping is complete, the cars will hit the road.

In an earlier press release, Gov. Doug Ducey said the implementation of the program in the state is a sign that Arizona is “cutting-edge when it comes to innovation.”

Phoenix is the fourth city that the program has been tested in. It began in Mountain View, California; before hitting Austin, Texas and Kirkland, Washington.

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