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Northern Arizona University to become tobacco-free campus

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Louie the Lumberjack is out of luck if he wants to light up on his home turf, Northern Arizona University.

The campus will become smoke- and tobacco-free beginning July 1.

NAU President Rita Cheng made the announcement Thursday.

“I’d like to thank the campus community for their support as we join the ranks of more than 1,400 higher education institutions that have already gone smoke and tobacco-free,” Cheng said in a release.

She said the initiative reflected the school’s strong commitment to wellness and
public health and to create a healthy environment for students and staff.

Arizona State University and the University of Arizona already have a full ban on those products at their campuses.

NAU become the final public university in the state to adopt the full ban.

The university had already prohibited smoking inside university buildings
and vehicles.

But those measures don’t take into account health risks associated with secondhand smoke or the environmental issues caused by tobacco products.

A committee made up of campus representatives has been leading the initiative and working to make the transition goes smoothly over the next year.

The Student Health Advocacy Committee led talks and advocacy efforts for the policy over the past four years.

The Associated Pres contributed to this report.

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