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Trump not ruling out Jan Brewer as running mate just yet

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorses Donald Trump for president.

Presumptive presidential Republican nominee Donald Trump said former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is fantastic and did not immediately rule her out as a potential running mate during an interview on Fox News’ “On the Record” Wednesday.

Trump confirmed that there are women on his five to seven person short list for vice president when host Greta van Susteren asked him.

“Last night Gov. Jan Brewer said to me you ought to look at Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma. Is she one of the women?” van Susteren asked in the interview.

“And also Jan. Jan Brewer has been fantastic. She has been so fantastic,” Trump said in response. “You know I won so big, her territory, we won so big, and she is a fabulous woman. And I agree with you, the governor of Oklahoma — fabulous person.”

Trump said he won’t announce his official choice until the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland this summer.

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