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Thanks to Budweiser, we can now raise an America to America because America


For those of you that know me, this won’t come as a surprise: I am a bit of a beer guy.

Seriously, I drink water, coffee and beer. That’s it. So when I speak of coffee or beer. I am speaking from experience.

A. Lot. Of. It.

But let me be clear: Many of my beer-snobby brethren turn their noses at those that prefer the fizzy yellow joy that the makers of Budweiser, Coors or Miller offer.

Not me!

If you like it, drink it. Who am I to tell anyone how their taste buds should feel about one beer or another? I just tell you how MY taste buds feel and you can judge for yourself.

However, I am a sucker for beer labels. I can’t get through a trip to Total Wine or BevMo without grabbing a brew that I haven’t seen before, just because I like its label.

This week, Budweiser announced that it would be changing the iconic Budweiser name on its cans for an even more iconic name and brand: America!

Now hold on. America? THAT is a bold statement!

Ladies and gentlemen, Budweiser has just ripped the moniker of beer snob from EVERY microbrewery in the nation!

It seems like every beer on the market is claiming to be the best this, or the darkest that, or the boldest something or other.

And don’t get me started on awards. How many times have you heard that a beer is “award-winning” or “recognized?” Is this like my kid’s Little League? Everyone gets a trophy?

None of that matters now, as Budweiser has just screamed, “check and mate!” No more titles, no more awards: Budweiser has just made its name synonymous with the greatest nation in the world!

Step aside, Donald Trump. You have been beaten to the “Make America Great Again” punch!

Budweiser took the reins and has proven that we are done with politicians. It is BEER that will unite the nation!

I can’t believe I’m saying this: Raise an America, America because, well, America!?


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