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High pollution advisory issued for Maricopa County on Wednesday

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — A high pollution advisory is in effect for Maricopa County on Wednesday, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality said.

The agency said the advisory was issued as the ozone level is expected to rise with more sunny days and light winds in the forecast. Ozone levels are expected to exceed what has been deemed safe.

The agency also warned high ozone levels may continue as the county begins heating up to summer temperatures.

While the advisory is in effect, people should limit outdoor activity, especially children and the elderly.

The agency also recommended Maricopa County residents take care when using a vehicle by:

  • Driving as little as possible or carpooling or using public transportation
  • Refuel after dark
  • Avoid long drive-through lines

Ozone levels can also be reduced when residents:

  • Delay big painting projects or use paints designed for high pollution conditions
  • Ensure all household cleaners, chemicals and solvents are properly sealed

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