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On the road again: New Arizona Diamondbacks license plates revealed

PHOENIX — If you back the Arizona Diamondbacks, now you can show it by putting a new D-backs license plate on your car.

The Arizona Department of Transportation revealed its new, overhauled Diamondback license plates on Monday, which look like the team’s new road uniforms, according to a press release.

“It has a unique gray background, which matches the look of their road uniforms, and red and black pinstripes with the ‘A’ logo on the left hand side,” said ADOT Public Information Officer Ryan Harding.

The new plates cost $50 for a personalized plate and $25 if it’s non-personalized.  If you have one of the old D-back license plates, you can upgrade to a new one for just $5.

But if you do the upgrade, Harding said there’s something that you need to keep in mind.

“If you have a personalized D-backs plate with the old design, and it took up all 7 characters, I can’t transfer that to the new design, because there’s only 6 characters available,” Harding said.

You can do the upgrade, but you have to go through the entire process again because of that lack of one character.

Harding said ordering the new plates is easy and can be done completely online.

Proceeds from the sale of the plates go to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation for youth education and development, and to provide housing and health care for those in need.

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