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Bernie Sanders viral video explains why you should vote for Donald Trump

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Over the weekend, I saw a video on Facebook titled “Dear Trump Supporters.”  (WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE)

It was an attempt to tell Donald Trump supporters they’re wrong and they should support Bernie Sanders. The only problem is the video listed everything about Trump supporters that is right.

I think this is the best pro-Trump commercial I’ve seen so far this election.

The host admitted he went to Trump rallies and was amazed at the love and kindness he was shown.

He admitted our government is corrupt. He admitted our economy is in the dumps.

He took everything Trump and his supporters stand for and then tried to say, ”Bernie believes the same thing.”

This was a Trump commercial through and through. If you changed 10 seconds of the copy, you would have no idea it was a Sanders commercial.

He says, “Let’s talk.” Okay, here’s what needs to be said:

Trump doesn’t hate Mexicans and neither do the vast majority of his supporters. He wants to fix our broken immigration system. We all know it’s screwed up.

Trump hasn’t said anything negative about blacks but the media would like you to think he has.

He is correct that free trade is sending American jobs overseas and millions of Americans are losing jobs.

He wants to keep our country safe. You lock your doors at night and ask who’s at the door before opening it, does that mean you hate humanity or your just doing what you can to keep your family safe?

There is a reason why the establishment is doing everything they can do make sure Trump doesn’t get elected (same thing with Sanders).

If we’re going to be really honest, it should be said: The media’s message of Trump being a racist, xenophobe, sexist, etc. is a lie. It’s to make sure you hate him — and his supporters. We’re nothing like that.

So yeah, the U.S. needs to have a talk.

Stop picketing the people who also want to make change, who want to bring jobs back to America, who want to keep this country safe.

Stop calling fellow Americans racists, xenophobes, bigots and sexists just because they support a candidate who, according to this video, shares most of the same views you do.

Trump supporters aren’t the ones blocking traffic, threatening violence, calling people vulgar names. They’re on the receiving end of it from people who hate them, simply for attending a rally.

This election is about establishment versus the people. Nothing else. Once the majority of the public figures it out, America will be on the road to healing.

Until then, there will be establishment-instigated riots, the death, the anger and the division.

Divide and conquer isn’t a fairy tale — it’s a well-known tactic to control a population.

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