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Children share letters they wrote to their incarcerated moms

The “Love Letters” campaign helps children who have incarcerated parents.

The 2.7 million children in the United States that have at least one parent in jail are helped out by this national campaign.

In this video, some of those children share and read the letters they have sent their mothers who are incarcerated.

According to the video, a majority of the mothers behind bars are non-violent offenders.

The children read some of their issues they are currently going through, including fighting in school.

There are also positives, however, such as one girl recently going roller skating and another being inducted into the national honors society at their school.

If that wasn’t touching enough, the video ends with the children wishing a happy mother’s day to their mothers.

You can find out more about organizations helping children with incarcerated parents by visiting the websites for The Osborne Association and Hour Children.


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