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Should you homeschool your child?

As the school year winds down, viewers have requested KTAR’s Eye’s on Parenting to take a look at the basics of homeschooling children.

“Every child has a unique learning style, not all of them are conducive to a classroom setting,” said Scott McKown president of non-profit Arizona Families for Home Education. “Homeschooling is a great way to customize and personalize an educational plan for your child’s specific needs.”

So do parents just wake up each day and declare, “Today I’ll teach my kid verbs or fractions?”

“Not unless that’s part of your plan for the day,” McKown said. “There’s curriculums out there that are specifically designed for homeschoolers.”

Homeschool curriculums give parents the educational structure to fit their child’s needs, he said. Some are even in video format.

For people interested in more information, this summer (July 15-16) the AFHE organization puts on the state’s largest annual homeschooling conference.

There’s also a free “Considering Homeschooling” mini-conference on July 14 for those who seek more information.

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