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Get Outdoors Unleashed: Puppy hunting school kicks off with ‘ruff’ drills

Well, the day had finally arrived: Jango was ready to start his Jedi Hunting training with Tony Marquez from Desert Creek Gun Dog Kennels at Gila Hallows Duck Club.

I thought that this was going to be a tearful — I mean, simple — handoff. Nope!

This was day one of training!

Tony was ready with a couple of birds in his truck and we were off to the races.

First up: recall. We wanted to see how Jango did off of a leash. Would he come back to us when called?

Then, birdie time. Tony put Jango through a simple flush-and-retrieve drill.

Finally, the last lesson of the day: scent and point.

Check the video out to see how Jango did with each of his 101-level lessons.

Watch episode one of “Get Outdoors Unleashed” here

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