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Oops: Phoenix-area gas station mixes diesel, regular tanks, drivers get wrong gas

PHOENIX — Some Phoenix area drivers likely experienced a little engine trouble Thursday morning, but it may have been through no fault of their own.

The QT gas station near Interstate 10 and Miller Road accidentally mixed the diesel and regular gas tanks, meaning pumps were distributing the wrong type of fuel.

Matt Allen, host of Bumper to Bumper on KTAR News 92.3 FM, said the mix up will cause some engine troubles, but shouldn’t ruin it outright. It all depends on how much of the wrong fuel was put into the tank.

“If you had an empty tank, and you got all the way to the top with the diesel fuel, you’re probably going to notice right away,” he said. “The car will be running badly and smoking.”

Allen said those who just topped off with the wrong fuel will likely just notice some engine smoke.

Allen said owners who filled up with the wrong kind of gas will likely have to spend a few hundred dollars to get their car fixed.

“The fuel system probably though, in most cases of these cars, does need to be drained out and, more likely, just the fuel filter replaced,” he said.

QT said any drivers who filled up at the station on Thursday should contact its corporate office.

KTAR’s Martha Maurer contributed to this report.

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