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Before you pull the trigger on ‘smart gun technology,’ think of what could go wrong

(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

Last week, President Barack Obama outlined his new push for what he calls “smart gun technology.”

As the resident firearm guy here at the radio ranch, I thought it would be fitting that I weigh in.

(And for those that are scratching their heads and wondering what a smart gun is, I can help there as well.)

In a nutshell, a smart gun is a type of gun that can only be fired by its owner. The gun would somehow recognize its owner, either by direct fingerprinting or some sort of Bluetooth link to a watch or other type of accessory.

But Obama has drawn the line between “smart guns” and the iPhone’s fingerprint identification system, otherwise known as Touch ID.

This kind of technology is actually nothing new.

Firearms manufacturers have been attempting smart gun tech since the late 1990’s. They keep running into the same problem: it doesn’t work.

Think about your phone for a moment.

How many times has your fingerprint ID failed on the first attempt? How many times has your phone failed to automatically connect to a Bluetooth device?


Now place yourself and your “smart gun” in a life or death situation.

Your adrenaline is pumping through your system. Your palms are sweating. You are running on instinct.

Did you remember to put your gun unlocking watch on? Is your sweat running interference between your finger and the sensor? Odds are that when you need to fire that weapon — nothing will happen.

The shocking part of this new push? The National Rifle Association actually supports it!

The NRA is not against new technologies that make guns safer. Their only concern is that the feds don’t go all “New Jersey” on them and try to mandate smart tech.

As long as we have option to own a “smart gun” or my trusty old revolver, we’re all good!

Finally, I will tell you who doesn’t support it: the Fraternal Order of Police.

You see, Obama wants cops to be the first with “smart guns.”

That. Is. Crazy!

The bottom line is there is no need to have those responsible with protecting the public playing guinea pig with guns that need to be charged.

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