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FBI searching for three drug trafficking suspects who live in Phoenix

From left, drug trafficking suspects William L. Gavin, Leaha M. Hazza and Brian Knight are shown. (Federal Bureau of Investigation Photos)

PHOENIX — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching for three drug trafficking suspects who live in the Phoenix area.

The agency said William L. Gavin (aka Chill Will), Leaha M. Hazza and Brian Knight are allegedly part of a drug trafficking ring between St. Louis and Phoenix. All have been indicted on drug charges.

The FBI said Gavin is the believed head of the organization. He has been linked to violent street gangs and has been seen with prostitutes. Gavin splits his time between homes in St. Louis and Phoenix and also travels to see relatives in Anchorage.

The other two — Hazza and Knight — are believed to be traffickers within the organization. They both live in Phoenix.

The FBI said the organization has delivered hundreds of pounds or marijuana to the Phoenix area along with nearly 30 pounds of cocaine.

The agency, with the help of local police, has seized nearly 10 pounds of cocaine, nearly five pounds of marijuana, four pounds of heroin and more than $28,000 in cash from the organization.

Three other people who were allegedly part of he drug trafficking ring have been arrested.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Gavin, Hazza or Knight is asked to contact the U.S. Marshals Office in St. Louis at 314-280-6128.

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