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Some female probationers getting full time-jobs with county program

(Maricopa County Photo)

Some women on probation in Maricopa County are now being offered full-time jobs through a program called Clean Start.

“It’s a chance to get back into the workforce,” said Clint Hickman, chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. “By using and utilizing Maricopa County jobs, these lower rung jobs.”

The 13-week Clean Start program offers 30 female inmates on probation a 40 hour position in the jail laundry room.

“We have all these people on probation but they just can’t get in the workforce,” Hickman said.

At the same, Hickman said, there are issues trying to keep people employed in jobs that maybe most people don’t want to do.

In addition, the program participants will get occupational skills training, cognitive behavioral change training, career guidance and job placement services.

“We have them attend classes, (things like) what’s it’s like to keep a job, relationships and interactions, how do you do a resume,” Hickman said.

The county is evaluating the success of the program as a potential model for growth.

“I think there’s 100 different businesses now that are watching this program, especially in the hospitality industry, retail (and) construction,” he said.

The first class of female will complete the program in early June.

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