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Are Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly ready to make nice?

Could it be? Are two bitter enemies ready to call a truce to their feud?

Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will sit down later this month after the New York billionaire agreed to an interview.

The network said the duo ironed out their differences earlier this month after Kelly requested to meet with Trump.

The pair began sparring in August, when they were involved in a contentious back-and-forth during a Fox News debate.

The rift between them was escalated after Trump said Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” and she then said she no longer wanted anything to do with Trump.

Though the billionaire later clarified his comments – apparently, he meant her nose – the damage was done. Kelly described her relationship with Trump as “bizarre” to ABC News.

But it looks like the hijinks are over and both are ready to call the feud dead in the water. So that got me thinking: after the surely awkward “how are yous,” what are Trump and Kelly going to talk about?

I offer a few suggestions in the video above. I’m sure Kelly has a whole line of things she’s ready to ask, but hey, it never hurts to throw my two cents out there!


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