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Rain may persist in the Valley, while snow hits northern Arizona

Thunderstorms continue to linger throughout Arizona, and according to the National Weather Service, there is an increasing chance that showers may occur during Sunday afternoon.

Th greater Phoenix area suffered several thunderstorms across the Valley on Saturday. Storms were so intense it caused the Chipotle Cultivate Festival at WestWorld in Scottsdale to be canceled hours before it was scheduled to shut down.

While Phoenix is getting hit with rain and thunderstorms, northern Arizona and Flagstaff is getting one final dose of snow before summer.

Tim Cermak, National Weather Service forecaster in Flagstaff, explained to KTAR what’s happening with the snow situation in Flagstaff.

“We had snow showers over the night, pretty persistent snow showers actually, southeast of Flagstaff along Lake Mary Road down near the Mormon Lake area,” Cermak said. “Right now we are seeing that snow beginning to transition to rain showers and we are expecting rain showers to continue throughout today.”

Arizona Department of Transportation cautions drivers in northern Arizona to be careful of roads. Currently, roads are clear with no snow, but there is a possibility of ice on the roads.


Cermack added that there is a possibility of wet roads in northern Arizona, due to the snow melting from Saturday night’s snow showers.

“In the Flagstaff area we’ve generally been getting reports of one to two inches mainly on grassy areas,” Cermack explained. “The highways are just wet right now. It’s pretty warm, so the snow pretty much just melts.”

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