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SC agency says information leaked on 228K people

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Authorities say personal information was stolen from more than 228,000 Medicaid patients in South Carolina.

Anthony Keck is the state’s Health and Human Services director. He says information such as Medicaid ID numbers, names and addresses were taken by an employee. Keck says the employee compiled the data over several months and then sent it to his private email account.

Christopher Lykes Jr. was arrested Thursday. Keck says he was fired last week but still hasn’t told authorities what he planned to do with the information from more than 228,000 people.

The state is now offering identity protection and other help to the victims.

Lykes is jailed awaiting a bond hearing. No one answered the phone at his Swansea home, and authorities didn’t know if he had a lawyer.

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