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Salt Lake residents sue Chevron over oil spills

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Sixty-six residents of a Salt Lake City neighborhood are suing Chevron over a pair of oil spills in 2010.

The lawsuit filed in federal court Friday claims their properties near Red Butte Creek have been damaged by the spills and residual oil poses potential health problems.

Attorney Paul Durham says the group will seek damages in the tens of millions of dollars.

State regulators say a pipeline failure in June 2010 released 33,000 gallons of oil into Red Butte Creek that killed all the fish at Liberty Lake, as well as large trees. About 21,000 gallons spilled nearby in December.

Chevron already agreed to $4.5 million in a separate settlement with the city.

Company officials did not immediately return calls by The Associated Press for comment.

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