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Plea entered in AZ arranged marriage beating case

PHOENIX (AP) – An Iraqi mother suspected of beating her 19-year-old daughter for not going along with an arranged marriage pleaded not guilty Monday in a case police said involved burning the teen on her face and chest with a hot spoon.

Yusra Farhan, 50, entered the plea to charges of aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.

The daughter refused to participate in an arranged marriage with a 38-year-old man, authorities said.

Two other defendants, 18-year-old Tabarak Altameemi and 45-year-old Mohammed Altameemi, also pleaded not guilty to assault and unlawful imprisonment.

The victim was also tied to a bed with a rope secured with a padlock until Feb. 8, when she was released to go to school, The Arizona Republic reported, citing police documents.

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