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Alaska rep urges federal takeover of Central Park

Associated Press

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – When Alaska state Rep. Kyle Johansen penned a resolution to urge the federal government to take over New York’s Central Park, he may not have expected a hearing on the issue let alone a mention in The New York Times.

But he’s got both.

The resolution from Johansen, a Ketchikan Republican, was highlighted in The Times’ City Room blog last week. And the House Resources Committee planned Monday afternoon to discuss HJR 31, which argues the federal government’s hold on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is akin to labeling Central Park a wilderness area and halting future development there.

Five other Republicans have signed on the measure, including House Speaker Mike Chenault. However, Fairbanks Democrat Scott Kawasaki urged a focus on what he considers to be more substantive energy issues.

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