Meet the Patients

During this year's KTAR Give-a-thon you'll hear inspiring stories of our patients and families.

Anthony Rojas, Age 14

Anthony was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, which led to him having a heart attack at age 14. He stayed at Phoenix Children's Hospital for 32 days with a failing heart. He is currently a freshman in high school.

Miela Semenko, 18 Months

At 2.5 months old Miela's parents thought she had a stomach bug so they took her to see her doctor at Phoenix Children's. An hour later she was in acute heart failure and would need a heart transplant. After 41 days in the hospital, a heart became available and Miela had a transplant a few days later.p>

Tommy Robertson, Age 17

During the summer of 2015, Tommy suffered a traumatic brain injury from a dirt bike accident. He was treated in the PICU at Phoenix Children's, and after 2 and a half weeks in a medically induced coma, Tommy opened his eyes and gave his dad a thumbs up.

Cash Davis, Age 9

A rare genetic disorder would cause Cash's body to "forget" to breathe when he fell asleep. When he slept he had to be connected to a ventilator through a tracheostomy in his neck. Recently Cash became the first pediatric recipient of a breathing pacemaker in the state.

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