Meet the Patients

Phoenix, Age 4

Phoenix was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at just three years old. She has endured six intense rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery to remove the tumor. Phoenix is now preparing for a bone marrow transplant with her care team at Phoenix Children's as her battle continues.

Oliver, Age 3

Oliver was not supposed to make it. Diagnosed in utero with a serious heart condition, Oliver would require a heart transplant to live. And that's exactly what he got! With the expert care from the heart transplant team at Phoenix Children's, Oliver is the youngest patient to receive a new heart at just six days old.

Hope, Age 17

Hope was told that she would never speak again after suffering a stroke. With the care and expert help she received at Phoenix Children's, Hope has defied all odds. She worked hard to relearn speech and language throughout her 75-day stay at the Hospital.

Genevieve, 18 Months

The doctors knew something was wrong with Brittney's baby before she was even born. At three weeks old, Genevieve underwent her first surgery and was diagnosed with cancer. She has fought through so much in her short life, but today she is an active toddler who enjoys playing with her older brother.

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