Become a Champion of Hope!

August 16th 2p-7p | August 17th 5a-7p

Your Donations Matter

When you become a Champion of Hope, you're helping the more than 160,000 patients treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital each year. You're funding cutting-edge research, clinical programs, state-of-the-art equipment, family-friendly services, and you help ensure that the hospital can provide world-class care to each and every child who needs them. In fact, more than 60 hospital programs are funded solely or significantly through philanthropy.

At KTAR and Arizona Sports we are so proud to champion this cause; it's one that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Over the years we've met hundreds of patients whose bravery and hope inspire us to do more, to work harder, and motivate us to reach as many people as we can with their stories.

We've seen firsthand how important this hospital is to our community, and how the people there have changed lives. You can too by becoming a Champion of Hope.

How Else Can You Help?

Call 602-933-4567 during our Giveathon on August 16 and August 17 to pledge your support to Phoenix Children's Hospital patients or donate online.

Help Spread the Word...#championsofhope

  • Connect with us online, then join the conversation. Share our posts, craft your own, tag us, like and comment.
  • Connect with Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation on Facebook@FriendsofPCH, Twitter@FriendsofPCH, Instagram@friendsofpch, and on
  • Connect with KTAR 92.3FM on Facebook, Twitter@KTAR923, and at
  • Add a line to your email signature during The Giveathon for PCH, Aug. 16-17:
    I am tuned in to The Giveathon for Phoenix Children's Hospital. Listen with me August 16 and 17.
  • Email your contacts and share your personal connection to Phoenix Children's Hospital if you have one.
  • If it makes sense where you work, see if you can play The Giveathon in the work room or break room. Consider changing your hold music to KTAR 92.3 FM or Arizona Sports 98.7 FM during work hours Aug. 16 & 17. What a great way to tell your customers you support Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Sample Facebook Posts:

We're supporting The Giveathon for Phoenix Children's Hospital Aug. 16-17 at [INSERT WHAT YOU ARE DOING - BE CONCRETE!] Listen with us on KTAR 92.3FM @KTARNews!

Are you listening? Tune in to KTAR 92.3FM @KTARNews The Giveathon for Phoenix Children's Hospital!

Sample Tweets:

We're supporting #Championsofhope by [INSERT YOUR EFFORT]

R u listening? #Championsofhope on @KTAR923 benefiting @PhxChildrens

Too quiet at #Championsofhope. Tune in @KTAR923, get those phones ringing!

Sample Email

Subject line: Listen with me!

I'm listening to The Giveathon for Phoenix Children's Hospital. Please tune in or listen online to hear stories of hope in our community. This event benefits the kids and families who rely on Phoenix Children's Hospital. Together we can make a difference for kids.

Listen with me August 16-17 at or

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