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Rosie on the House

  • Knock Dad’s socks off with a great Father’s Day gift

    Father’s Day is a little more than a week away, and the team and I have put together a few gift ideas to help you and your dad celebrate right!
  • Ready your home for monsoon season with June’s ‘Rosie-do’ list

    Well folks, it’s June! The heat is climbing and the beginning of monsoon season is just around the corner. Get your home ready with June's Rosie-do list.
  • Easy steps to painting the outside of your home

    If you're thinking about painting your house, here are a couple ideas to make it easier.
  • How to prevent Arizona roof rats from invading your home

    If you have roof rats in your neighborhood, they may hide among the shrubs and trees, but they also make nests in attics. Here's how to prevent them.
  • Here’s how to clean sun screens before you install them for summer

    If you already have sun screens, you may want to clean them thoroughly before you put them back on your windows for the summer months.
  • Eight things for homeowners to add to their ‘Rosie-do’ list for May

    Here are eight things Arizona homeowners should get done in the month of May to keep up with home maintenance.
  • It’s coming: Six steps homeowners should take to get ready for Arizona’s summer

    Before you take a big step -- such as buying a new air conditioner -- here are six things to do now to make your house cooler during the Arizona summer.
  • Five things Arizona homeowners need to know about buying windows

    Here are five things to remember to make shopping for windows much easier for Arizona homeowners.
  • Five improvement ideas for homeowners receiving a tax refund

    You may already have a bunch of ideas on how to spend that tax refund, but here's five home improvements that refund could buy instead.
  • Pet projects: Do-it-yourself tips for animal owners in honor of National Pet Month

    April is National Pet Month and a good time to adopt a dog or cat. But living with pets in Arizona can be challenging.
  • 6 to-do items for your April ‘Rosie-do’ list

    Spring has sprung and April is here. It’s time for your monthly “Rosie –Do” list in our series to keep your home running smoothly. Here are six to-do items to focus on over the next few weeks.
  • The difference between mortar, concrete and cement for your home

    When the average homeowner talks about building materials, he or she often uses concrete and cement interchangeably, but they’re really not the same thing.
  • Spring is in the air! 10 tips for garage cleaning

    You’ve cleaned out and remodeled the inside of the house, but now it’s time to clean out that cluttered garage and its leaning towers of cardboard boxes.
  • As Arizona temperatures rise, time to clean your chimney

    The temperature is rising steadily and it looks like we won’t be using our fireplaces any more – at least not until next fall.
  • Worried about mosquitoes? Here are 10 ways to fight the bites!

    Even though Arizona is a desert, mosquitoes can thrive here and takeaway from your early-evening enjoyment outside. In addition to being a bit of an irritant, they can unfortunately spread disease to humans, which is often a concern of homeowners. Among mosquito-borne illnesses are the West Nile virus, encephalitis and dengue fever. This year, there’s […]