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  • Six places you should go visit in Arizona this year

    A lot of places in Arizona are overshadowed by the Grand Canyon, but here are six that should be on your 2018 bucket list.
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    It’s time to look back on what happened at Rosie on the House in 2017. Check out the most popular posts from the year to catch any you might have missed.
  • Ten last-minute Christmas gift ideas for busy homeowners

    You might be in a Christmas gift panic, so we put together a list of some possibilities you might find at your local hardware store. 
  • Frost 101: What you need to know about frosty weather in Arizona

    Is it really possible to end up with frost-damaged plants or frozen pipes in central and southern Arizona? Yes. Here are some steps to prevent damage.
  • Share your blessings with Valley charities around the holidays

    Here are a few Valley charities we really like if you're considering donating your money, food or time to this holiday season.
  • Hit the online sales: Plenty of new techie decor ideas for holidays

    Start sifting through those boxes of Christmas lights so you can toss out old decorations and grab the latest in affordable decor for the holidays.
  • Eight ways to show you’re grateful during the holidays

    Lots of us give contributions to our favorite causes and charities during the holidays but what about the rest of the people we know?
  • This year, there’s even more to be thankful for in Arizona

    Arizona is so varied and wonderful that we can come up with lots more reasons that we love about this place in honor of Thanksgiving.
  • Some tips for a happy but safe holiday season

    By now, your holiday planning is well under way. Remember to keep safety in mind so that accidents don’t spoil the season.
  • Pros and cons of hardwired and wireless home security systems

    If you’re interested in a home security system, you’ve probably found out that there are two types: hardwired and wireless. Here are the pros and cons.
  • Three important ways APS’ new rates will affect you

    You’ve probably heard that APS is raising your electrical rates. What are the changes all about and what can you do about them?
  • Six steps to running a successful long-distance remodel of your home

    If you’re a snowbird or you take really long vacations, you’ve probably wondered about having a house remodel when you’re not around.
  • Worried about mold in your home? Here’s how to stop it

    In Arizona, homeowners often think there’s no possibility of having mold problems because of the dry desert but that's far from accurate.
  • Five tips for designing the ideal home office

    You really need to have a home office, but how can you set that up? Here are suggestions for creating a productive working area.
  • Five things to think about if you want to raise chickens in Arizona

    If you have been thinking about raising chickens in your backyard in Arizona, there are five things you should consider before you buy them.